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Who we are

Luigi Cattazzo was born in Chiampo in 1940, where he learned the art of baking at a young age.

With the help of his family, at the age of 16 the boy Luigi, known as Gino, decided to start his own business and in 1956 he opened his business as a baker in San Giovanni Ilarione, in the Veronese area.

For our tireless worker, his Lambretta motorcycle was indispensable, with which he reached the workplace and customers.

This means of transport will always be linked to family memory.

Gino's ability to adapt his professionalism to the times and to satisfy the needs and tastes of the people at all times, led him to open a new pastry shop in his hometown, Chiampo, in 1967. Thanks to the fragrance of the goods and the refinement of the artisanal products offered, the pastry shop immediately became renowned throughout the valley.

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Gino knew how to entertain people, whom he always treated with grace and discretion. This ability became the prerogative of the entire Cattazzo family. Strengthened by his father's teachings, in 1989 his son Luca felt ready to start his own business and opened his own pastry shop in San Giovanni Ilarione.

Supported by his family, in 1999 Luca created a great reality for Chiampo, namely "La Pieve Hotel". The intuition of the chosen place, the name that recalls the famous sanctuary and the owner's ability to know how to put people at ease, and to have an excellent relationship with customers, proved to be successful.


After the loss of Gino, the baton passed to the new generation, ready with their grandson Alberto to follow in the footsteps of their grandfather and to collaborate with their father Luca to carry on the family project.

Thus the art of knowing how to treat people with humanity has been handed down from father to son and has become a tradition for the Cattazzo family.

Now it is Luca with the help of his wife Luisella who welcomes guests warmly to the hotel, putting them at ease and making them feel always  their home. One day the baton will pass into the hands of Alberto, who will certainly carry on the activity in compliance with the teachings received.


Respect, discretion, politeness, family

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